Dated: Jan 2024. This is an introductory video for the YouTube channel, Offbeat Economics, that I opened in December 2023. The idea is to present short videos on non-conventional topics in Economics — something other than talking about standard topics of interest in economics like GDP, inflation, growth, employment, exchange rates, mergers and acquisitions, company issues like those of Google, Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, Eli Lilly among many others.

It would include topics from economics of terrorism, economics of crime and punishments, economics of religion etc. My aim is to expand the awareness that the reach and depth of economics are far more than what people generally think.

Dated: Dec 2023. Based on my own collaborative research, this presents an academic narrative on how to win the war on terror or a conflict—which has a bearing upon many past conflict situations in the global arena as well as the current (as of early 2024) Israel-Hamas conflict.