This book is primarily written for the students of management at PG level (MBA/PGDM) as well as bachelor’s level (BBA). The reader will find the book pleasantly different from the existing texts with traditional descriptive narration on the Indian economy or texts on macroeconomics with a theoretical core. Enmeshing the macroeconomic principles with appropriate contextualization on Indian economy, the book strikes a rare golden mean.

Upon reading the book a student/reader is expected to understand the business environment with focus on macroeconomic concepts and variables; apply the conceptual understanding in identifying the historical and ongoing changes in the Indian macroeconomic variables/environment; analyze the linkages between various macroeconomic variables; evaluate the implications of policy making/changes on the different macroeconomic variables; and most importantly generate micro-level managerial decisions in the light of the given macroeconomic variables and trends.

Written in simple, direct and conversational language, every chapter has relevant case-lets, snippets and exercises to make the reading engaging.